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Feel Awesome Testimonials from Dr. Lea’s Patients:


Dear Dr. Lea,

I wanted to thank you for the time and attention you give to me and my family. I just got back from a three day prayer vigil and was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. I was able to stand and help lead decrees and mantras for 3, 3 hour sessions over two days. My voice’s high range is coming back; I was able to maintain the intense focus necessary to read prayers out loud without making mistakes while staying on pitch and in time with the two other people. This was the first time in years I have led long sessions like this without completely losing my voice.

While it was still physically and mentally challenging, I am so happy at this huge improvement and look forward to continuing to grow stronger. Decrees are my passion. Thank you for helping me better live my passion.     

Love, Jeanette


I came to Feel Awesome Wellness Center with exhaustion, anxiety, panic attacks, neck and head pain as well as sleep problems. Mid-day exhaustion caused me to stop what I was doing and kept me from expanding my energy healing business. The pain would distract me while I worked with clients as well as stopping me from enjoying running and sports. I was only able to do the most basic yoga moves without intense pain.

Within one month my neck pain and radiating pain into my head from whiplash as almost completely gone. I no longer have that constant discomfort. My mood is positive now. I have so much energy and my “can do” attitude is back. I am up for an adventure!

My energy healing practice and intuitive abilities have expanded considerably. I sleep at night and no longer panic. I am feeling like me again, but even better than I have for a very long time.

I am very grateful for you, Dr. Kabala and Andy for your dedication and love.

Lucy P.

Reiki Master & Thera-Move method teacher, certified Yoga instructor


If you are tired of suffering, Dr. Lea at Feel Awesome will help you to make huge changes in your body and life.

I have had rounded shoulders and neck pain for most of my adult life. Even though I have been aware of it, I have been unable to re-align myself. I have tried traditional chiropractic, yoga, egoscue, Pilates, etc.

In less than three months, I have experienced dramatic changes through Dr. Lea's gentle adjustments. Now, when I practice yoga, I am able to comfortably perform the asanas. My neck pain is gone   … 

Network chiropractic care is amazing, but Dr. Lea really makes the difference. I have been to other practitioners of Network Care. Dr. Lea is particularly gifted and I feel very lucky to be able to work with her. I would highly recommend Feel Awesome to anyone and everyone experiencing pain. It will make a tremendous difference in your life.  ~Lisa L.


Dr. Lea really does care. You really should try this if you are serious about feeling better. Body pain relief is experienced within sessions. If you are really looking for transformation it requires time and commitment. And I tell you, the receptionist, Andy, is just a gem too!


There are doctors and then there are doctors. I love the all the progress I have made with Dr. Lea, she offers a very high level of care and does so with precision and compassion.

When I first came to Feel Awesome, I sure didn't—I needed help, with being able to sit without pain, sleep, keyboard, write or move my neck. I had made a commitment to not give up, and Dr. Lea had the technology, understanding and now I am in school, doing all the movements I couldn't before and even deep knee bends - I thought those days were over.

I just keep improving and no other Dr. or Chiropractor has been able to help me. I should mention that Feel Awesome is not about cracking bones, it's a much more refined process created by Donald Epstein that is more aligned with the original intent and spirit of the field. I knew it was the type of care I wanted as I had experienced it years ago in CA, but found the work had not spread here to the degree where I could find someone I resonated with — till NOW, I tell you, she's a gem in her field and I love how her previous work as an electrical engineer has been translated into her perspective in understanding the circuitry of the body.

P.S., she would still be an Engineer if it weren't for how much her own life was changed from receiving this work and being inspired to dedicate her life to a new found passion, from which her patients benefit immensely. May the force be with you! ~Jane G.


At Feel Awesome, Dr. Lea’s Network Chiropractic adjustments keeps me limber and keeps my spine not only pain-free and flexible, but feeling good and alive.

Network Chiropractic is the most beneficial healing technique I know, and I know of many.

Laser treatments from Dr. Lea are the best thing for injuries. Laser returned my frozen shoulder to normal again. It’s wonderful. My frozen shoulder is completely back to normal now following laser treatments with Dr. Lea. I fully recommend her cold laser treatments for any injury, new or old.

If you want to detox from an addiction or medications or any other toxic exposure, consider the footbath. It’s incredible!!!  ~ Carole W.

More Heart-Felt Un-Edited Testimonials

From Dr., Lea’s Patients:



When I came to Dr. Lea, I had significant back pain and tension from pinched nerves in three areas of my back.

I was a caregiver for senior citizens. It was difficult to pull them up in bed, turn them from side to side and sometimes very difficult to transfer them. Also, lifting wheel chairs to put them in the trunk of a car was quite painful.

I had previously tried physical therapy, traditional chiropractic and even a physical trainer.

After only a short while with Dr. Lea’s NSA care, my back is more flexible, am standing straighter and taller and am much more relaxed.  ~ Pam M.


I enjoy my regular visits to the Feel Awesome Wellness Center. The space invites you to smile, relax, and allow your healing to unfold. My body likes the gentle, capable touch of Dr. Lea that coaxes you to surrender to the healing process. My spirit likes the pleasant music and soothing atmosphere. My mind likes the approach grounded in science and modern thought.

I am very satisfied with the experience and recommend the services provided. I have found that regular visits to Feel Awesome Wellness Center supports a calm, focused and effective approach in my work.  Stress and anxiety are the exception; flowing easily with the demands is more the norm.   ~L.K.


I am a true believer in Network Chiropractic. Working with Dr. Lea on a regular basis helps me to keep my spine flexible and enables me to continue to move past old blockages.

On a recent weekend, by body decided to tighten and shift to a point that I had intense hip pain. Walking, sitting, and sleeping were all very painful. I found comfort knowing that I would see Dr. Lea the next day and we would work out the issues and relieve the pain.

After the second adjustment I was able to transition from sitting to standing without pain. The next day I was actually able to dance! As life goes on and continues to throw interesting challenges my way, I am grateful to have Dr. Lea travel the journey with me.  ~Beth Schecher


I had gotten traditional chiropractic adjustments for over 10 years to manage a problem of pain in the left S-I joint. Over time the adjustments became less effective and eventually too uncomfortable to tolerate.  After several weeks of Network adjustments with Dr. Kabala, I have had no SI Joint pain. I continue to receive adjustments since I continue to see other changes constantly occurring.   ~S.L.


Your laser treatments on my neck and shoulder have improved my range of motion and released stiffness and pain faster than any other treatment I have experienced and there has been no regression weeks later.  ~Carole Wothe


Since the use of the Cold Laser treatment, I have regained 98% of the use and sensation of my right hand and arm. This initial damage had occurred during colon surgery the week before Christmas 2008 in which the surgeon injured the entire right arm.

Since that time we have experimented with this Cold Laser and therapy on my left facial muscles and nerves, the area of the colon surgery and the left lung which is currently paralyzed.

The facial injury is from an auto accident which occurred in spring of 1980, the abdominal area is from the colon surgery, as is the left lung. 

Currently one has experienced a decrease in surgical scarring, an increase in healing of approximately three times faster than normal and the return of nerve functions in all but the lung. The lung has just begun treatment with some marked results, however more work is required.  ~P.J.


I came to Feel Awesome with tendonitis in my right forearm, stiff knees and neck and a kink in my mid back.  I was unable to write without pain, so I avoided it. Sitting was difficult and I avoided all exercise as it was too painful. Walking was difficult and my neck was always “out”.

I had previously tried traditional chiropractic, physical therapy, massage and low intensity laser.

Now after using Dr. Lea’s care I can write again! – A Lot! I can go for walks & dance & some light stretching and Yoga. I have healed to the point where I am now going back to school which gives my body a constant workout.

Also, my neck remains adjusted – I don’t need any special props to sleep – and the same goes for my back! I feel so much better and younger too. I now have more hopes and aspirations. ~ Jane Godfrey