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Dr. Lea discusses the details of the Network Care Healing experience
in a Series of Three NSA Workshops

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Talks and Demonstrations (see below for descriptions of talks)
  • The NSA Heath talks are FREE
  • Followed by an optional $10 NSA adjustment

    NOTE: NSA Adjustments are offered after every talk!!

  • Experience the profound healing shift as the NSA adjustment helps your body release tension, rebalance, and re-energize.
  • All are welcome.
  • Best to RSVP but not required (749-1212)
  • See below for Dr. Lea's three talks covering Basic, Intermediate and Advanced NSA Healing.
  • Network Wave demonstration during the Intermediate and Advanced talks.

Workshop Dates

Basic / Intermediate Lecture w/ Demo: None Schduled
RSVP Required - call 520-749-1212


Advanced Lecture:     None Scheduled 

Gentle Touch...   
Profound Healing...
     Magical Results...

Basic NSA:   “The Science of Pain, Posture and Flexibility

  • Reclaiming Your Health
  • Growing Younger
  • Tension and Stress Pattern Reduction
  • Slowing Down Aging
  • The Science of Pain and Posture
  • Why Posture Is Important (Correction – Why Posture Is King!)

  • What Causes Pain? Why Do We Get Stuck?
  • Healing Beliefs and Facts
  • Cellular Memories Gumming up the Gears
  • Igniting Your Natural Healing Powers
  • Breath, Presence and Peace
  • Awareness 1-01

  • “Very relaxing.”
  • “Best 20 minute vacation I’ve ever had!”

  • Very Basic, Very Powerful, Very Enjoyable
  • Most Call It “Awesome”
  • Level 1, Basic Care. 

Intermediate NSA:  “Robust Health

  • Our Body’s Natural Oscillations - A Requirement to Stay Healthy
  • Spinal Oscillators
  • Healing Waves, Rhythms and Transformation Skills

  • The Entraining Process – We’re All Doing It
  • Bio-Resonance and Bio-Entrainment
  • Deepening Your Self-Awareness – Awareness 2-01

  • Evolutionary for Your Complete Being
  • Past Regrets - Future Fears
  • The Joy of Being Present

  • Robust, Growing and Glowing Health
  • Feeling Better Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • “Life Doesn’t Bother Me So Much Anymore!”
  • “I’m Enjoying Myself Again!”

  • Not So Basic. Now You’re Getting It.
  • Extremely Fun, Joyous
  • Level 2, Intermediate Care.  

Advanced NSA:    “Healing on Steroids”

  • Clarity, Awareness, Consciousness, and Awakening
  • Awareness Expansion and Explosion – Awareness oo-01
  • Piercing the Veil Into the Joy of the Unknown

  • Consciousness Evolution as a State of Being
  • Love
  • Bliss
  • “What the Bleep”
    • More Than a Movie – Now You Are Living It
  • Living in the Oneness

  • “This is why I stuck with my NSA care. I wanted to get to Advanced Care – to Awaken.”
  • “ NSA has helped me meditate to a depth that is unbelievable.”
  • “I am able to connect with my clients and others with much more clarity, ease and joy.” – Reiki Master

  • Not At All Basic
  • Experiencing Life's Bliss 
  • Level 3, Advanced Care   

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